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Mariana de Araújo Leite, Lucas Cavalcante Almeida, Francisco Heber Lacerda Oliveira, José Wilemar Teixeira Lima Filho

Última alteração: 2023-09-25


The growth of air traffic in recent years requires greater attention to the structural capacity of airport pavements. Damages caused to runways are related to the application of loads on the pavement, which can result in permanent deformations, especially in flexible pavements, becoming a contributing factor for the occurrence of incidents and accidents. In this sense, the objective of this paper is to characterize the structural evaluation for a Brazilian airport runway. For this, deflectometric data were used, obtained from non-destructive tests using the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD). With the aid of the BAKFAA software, the resilience modules of the pavement layers were determined by means of backcalculation for each selected homogeneous segment. From these results, the FAARFIELD 2.0 software was used to verify its structural capacity and service life considering a mix of common aircraft for regional airports. For these simulations, the lowest value of the subgrade resilience modulus, obtained in the backcalculation process, was used as input data, since one of the failure criteria adopted in airport pavements is the deformation at the top of the subgrade. The simulations showed that the analyzed pavement offers adequate structural conditions for operations with regional aircraft, with a service life of approximately 20 years. However, if greater loads are considered, its service life is established around one year, showing the need to reinforce the pavement in case there is a change in the mix of aircraft.


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