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Rita Moura Fortes, João Virgilio Merighi

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Brazil has entered the phase of Airport Concessions. In recent years, the society has assisted many bids for airport lots. This initiative is very good, as the private sector manages to be more dynamic than the public sector. And that's natural.

However, the technical/scientific society has observed that the manager is not always focused on the requirements that an airport in a tropical climate region must meet.

Particularly for flexible pavements, this fact can be illustrated directly. The temperature on the surface of a pavement in the Southeast region can reach 70oC for several hours and everyone knows that petroleum asphalt cement (PAC) classified as 50/70 or even 30/45 have a softening point in the NBR 6560/ ASTM D3461-18, around 50oC. On the PAC 65/90, the temperature rises to 65oC, below the reality of a large part of Brazil.

Another important fact is the systematic maintenance and restoration of pavements. The useful life of a pavement begins the moment the compaction of the hot mix asphalt (HMA) is completed, and this statement can be found in the document Techniques for Prevention and Remediation of Non-Load Related Distresses on HMA Airport Pavements (Phase I) Airfield Asphalt Pavement Technology Program (AAPTP) and finally, the life of a pavement is not eternal.

Thus, the present work aims to present the challenges that the concessionaires will have to face, given the peculiarities of the tropical region and the financial return itself, for their survival.


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