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Francis Ferronato

Última alteração: 2023-10-02


This article provides an analysis of operational safety management in aircraft maintenance, which is critical to ensure flight safety and protect aircraft integrity. Despite significant efforts to maintain high standards of safety in aircraft maintenance, there are still gaps in the understanding and effective implementation of safety practices. It is necessary to identify opportunities for improvement to fill these gaps. This article aims to describe the challenges of safety management in aeronautical maintenance operations and propose good practices to strengthen the Brazilian aeronautical sector in this critical aspect. To achieve this objective, bibliographical and bibliographical research was carried out to address current challenges and international best practices related to the safety of aircraft maintenance operations. The methods employed are qualitative and quantitative, using applied methods. The results reveal the importance of an operational safety culture in aeronautical maintenance organizations and the need to comply with legislation, airworthiness guidelines and Brazilian civil aviation regulations. In addition, sufficient risk decision-making, effective control of the operational safety management manual, management of the emergency plan, full-time staff training, reduction of the rework rate and management of maintenance technicians. Based on the results, it is concluded that operational safety management in aircraft maintenance in Brazil can be strengthened through the implementation of the best practices identified. These practices must address the specific challenges faced by the sector, aiming to guarantee the safety and efficiency of aeronautical operations in the country.


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