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Guilherme de Carvalho Siqueira, Mauro Caetano, Daniel Capaldo Amaral

Última alteração: 2023-09-29


The Technology Roadmapping has been widely utilized as a strategic tool for driving innovation across various industries. However, there are still untapped opportunities in the development of aeronautical products. One such example is flight simulator training devices. Product roadmaps for these kinds of products need to address concerns such as dependencies on other products, relationships with services, and the type of training offered throughout the innovation development cycle. The primary objective of this paper is to outline a comprehensive technology roadmapping approach that addresses the demands of pilot professional qualification and regulatory requirements, which in turn influences the continuous enhancement of high-end flight simulators. Additionally, this research aims to make a valuable contribution to the advancement of aeronautical flight training, particularly by advocating for the implementation of cost-effective full-motion flight simulators in flight training centers. Such a development would significantly improve the acquisition of airmanship skills and enhance overall flight safety. Consequently, this study endeavors to explore diverse opportunities for utilizing and refining the conceptual model of TRM within this particular domain.

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