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Rômulo de Azevedo Gomes, Mauro Caetano

Última alteração: 2023-09-25


This study aims to provide a literature synthesis of what has been studied in the context of small airports, emphasizing topics such as airport project management and innovation, to later propose a conceptual model for small airports project management based on innovation principles (this last one to be presented in the extended version of the paper, after the event). Also, this paper is the first step of a major project that seeks to identify the capability of innovation in small airports. To this end, a scoping review of the literature, with elements of a comprehensive search, has resulted in a list of peer-reviewed papers showing the main lines of study about these infrastructures. The initial search using the descriptor "small airport" through databases like ScienceDirect, Scopus, and Web of Science returned a universe of 5.144 studies for possible investigation. Despite the significant number of papers that deal with each of the themes separately, a much smaller number deal with them together, so the scoping review seems to be the most appropriate methodology to verify opportunities, support the conceptual model mentioned above, and future studies on the subject.

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