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Integration of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and Air Traffic Management (ATM) through Drone Tracking
Leandro Oliveira Peixoto, Andre Elias Melo, Cecilia de Azevedo Castro Cesar, Vitor Venceslau Curtis, Guilherme Trindade Tolentino, Marcelo Xavier Guterres, Pedro Henrique Freitas Silva

Última alteração: 2023-09-26


A new paradigm for aviation has been sought after by various initiatives in recent years, aiming
not only to improve the efficiency of current aviation but also to address issues such as airspace management, trajectory-based operations (TBO), and flow-based management. In addition to these needs, the full integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the airspace is imminent. In this study, we developed a UAS tracking module based on Remote ID and created a communication protocol for both centralized and semi-decentralized control. We propose an approach that involves flight request, authorization, check-in, and pre-check-in for UAS operation in specific areas. With the support of the Air Traffic Control Institute (ICEA), the SARPAS NG system operator, responsible for managing UAS flight requests in Brazil, tested the implementation of the proposed protocol in a test environment. Finally, integrated test flights were conducted in the vicinity of Sao Jose dos Campos Airport, demonstrating that the integration between Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) can be performed successfully.


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