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Investigating Resilience in Passenger Handling Systems: a detailed agent-based simulation study in airport terminals
Luisa Wiebringhaus, Idoaldo Jose de Lima, Johannes Reichmuth

Última alteração: 2023-09-22


Airport terminals have little buffer capacity for potential disturbances, and resilience, i.e., the ability of a system to absorb disturbances and return to its initial state in the shortest possible time, is an important goal in this context. Our goal in this work is to investigate resilience to disturbances in the context of passenger handling systems in airport terminals. To this end, we develop a general disturbance agent-based simulation model for an airport passenger processing system. We extend an event-based model in such a system developed in a previous study, and use detailed attributes for processing times and distributions, especially for the security checkpoint, as inputs and variables to model the agents and their interactions in the terminal. We outline different scenarios and associated relevant parameters for the simulations and explore different countermeasures and mitigation strategies to address the identified problems. By incorporating detailed processing steps into the agent-based simulation model, we can observe how disruptions affect the results of the model at the passenger level. This provides valuable insights into different parameters and strategies that can be used to mitigate the effects of disruptions and maximize the effectiveness of these countermeasures. By taking a passenger-specific view of the input data and selected parameters, the complexity of an airport terminal system and its resilience to disruptions can be understood. Such effects can be predicted and measured, not only when implementing innovative technologies in airport terminals, but also in overall operations.


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