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Consumer Behavior Towards a More Sustainable and Fair Fashion: proposal for Slow fashion consumption profiles in Brazil
Ítalo José de Medeiros Dantas, Lívia Juliana Silva Solino, Marcelo Curth, Aline Gabriel Freire

Última alteração: 2023-10-14


Interest in issues of social justice and sustainability in the fashion industry has grown exponentially in recent years, given the concern for the global preservation of natural assets that remain on earth and the appreciation of professionals in the production chain. Slow fashion emerges as a relevant movement in this context, as it seeks to slow down massive industrial production in the fashion area. This article aims to outline consumption profiles of Slow fashion products. Therefore, we planned and applied a virtual questionnaire using the “Consumer Orientation to Slow fashion” scale, with 414 volunteers from Brazil. The collected data were treated by k-means and analysis of variance. As a result, we identified three orientation profiles for Slow fashion consumption in Brazil: averse to exclusivity, high and low orientation.


Slow fashion; Consumption; Fair trade; Sustainability; COSF scale